Entry: Abraham Tested Dec 8, 2003

5th December 2003
Abraham tested – Sacrifice
Led by Jon Lee and Phek Kin

A study on the sacrifice of Isaac
Readings – Genesis 22: 1-19 (for both groups in this study)
The feedback – from group 1 led by Jon Lee

1. In verse 2, what is God emphasizing as He describes Abraham’s relationship with Isaac? Why this way of breaking the news? *Read Genesis 21:11

2. Knowing God waited 25 years before providing a son for Abraham, how would you expect Abraham to react to God’s instruction? Why doesn’t Abraham object? What do you learn about Abraham based on this obedient actions?
Abraham’s reaction – Go hysterical….
Huh? You talking to me, God?
Why He didn’t object – His past experience made Him strong to believe.
He had faith
He was real obedient
What do you learn about Him – He believed that God would provide.
*Read Hebrews 11:19 “…He did receive Isaac back from death” and Genesis 22:5 “…. We will come back (not I)”

3. Do you think Abraham would actually kill Isaac? Why does God wait until the last second to stop Abraham?
Feedback on the second question – God was that type, it’s His personality
God has a good sense of humor
*Read James 2:21,22 “…. His faith and his actions were working together and his faith was made complete by what he did.”
Sacrifice – Goes all the way to the end until God stops you not you stop yourself.

4. For whose benefit does God see how far Abraham will go: His own? Abraham’s? Isaac’s? or the readers?
Feedback – Through this that happened, everyone benefited.
- God transferred His feelings to His prophet.
- Through this, He is able to reveal and show Himself.
- The resemblance of this sacrifice and the Sacrifice He would make with Jesus.
- Abraham learnt that God will provide and is faithful
- He could have also learnt the importance of being the Father to many descendants, trusting God to keep His promise

5. How do you think you would have reacted to God’s instruction to offer up ‘Isaac’ as a sacrifice?
Feedback equivalent to question 2.

6. Where do you sense God testing or challenging you in your life right now? What have you found helpful when facing this test?
Feedback not enclosed – personal


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